holiday card

I was just over at, searching for a bit of inspiration, when I spotted a post about whether people should put themselves or just their children on Christmas cards. Back in October, a mother concluded that she and other mothers shy away from the camera after giving birth, but that we should get in the pictures so that our children can have those memories.

This year’s Christmas card features Simone and Nadia. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time all of us were on it. Maybe when Simone was a toddler and Nadia was a bump. I look forward to orchestrating the family portrait every year, and I put the disks in a safe place so the girls can view them when they are older. My take: I’m pretty sure no one wants or needs to see Ken and me. We haven’t changed much in the last year, but the girls sure have.

Still, I understand that some folks want to read about how we’re doing and see how we’re doing. And yes, I think children should have plenty of pictures with mom and dad, especially before we become uncool and can’t be in the same room or car with them. I hadn’t given the question much thought, but maybe I’ll pick a picture of the entire family for the card next year.