As I write this, I am in Chicago, attending the Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference.

I’m still sorting through my thoughts on the conference. The conference, though, has energized me and is making me evaluate why I am on this journey, why I feel compelled to write about race. Surely, I’m on this journey for a reason other than for my own self-edification. That reason isn’t fully evident to me but will show itself soon enough.

There wasn’t one person, or an event, or session that made me think about this. After seven years of writing about race, I haven’t found the purpose of it all. I certainly didn’t think I would see year three of blogging. At first, I sought understanding, but I passed that milestone long ago. There must be something larger, more than I could have ever imagined, and I patiently await that revelation.

I do know that will sponsor a Loving Day celebration in 2013 even if it’s just for my family and a few friends and neighbors. I don’t have to start big. I also may have thought too big on the writing front and will turn my attention to university presses and independent publishers for my work. Race may be a tough sell with mainstream publishers, but it’s clear that’s not the case with those who deem such work important.

The conference is giving me a taste of Mixed Roots. The Midwest version featured a panel of filmmakers. While I don’t think I have a film in me, I was inspired by panelists who suggested artists must remain in touch with their gut and turn away from those who try to hijack our stories or tell us how to tell them.