I’ve known for a while that Quote, Unquote is the shortest and most beloved feature on this blog. It started out as a way to remember some of Simone and Nadia’s quips. It has turned into a glimpse of their younger selves. If I keep it up, there’s no telling what will come out of their mouths. Am I that brave? I don’t know.

There are close to 100 Quote, Unquotes now, and I’m trying to put them in some sense of order. Tell me some of your favorites and maybe I can get a handle on them.

A few of my favorites:

Gooogle! Simone coming up with word that starts with the letter G.

Moooooooooo! Nadia, sleeping and apparently dreaming of bovines.

Who bought Nadia? Simone, after she learned we had purchasing power.

I Nadia, this Simone, that Daddy. Nadia, introducing her family to a woman in the elevator.

Daddy, I know another F-word. Daddy, I know another F-word. Simone and Nadia, embarrassing their father at a local fast food restaurant.

What’s your favorite one, two, or three? Don’t forget to tell me why you love them so much. Shoot an email to honeysmoke@honeysmoke.com or leave a comment below. Thanks!

One thought to “Favorite Quote, Unquotes”

  • Laura Majersky

    I love…

    “Can he touch clouds?” ~Simone, after her father told her she was going to meet a very tall
    and …
    “They are truly, truly in love.” ~ Simone, explaining the romantic status of two of her classmates.I really enjoy the quotes you post. They make me think of innocence, wonder, immagination, me when I was little and all the kids I have taken care of over the years. It might be neat to make a kids book of them, Lulu.com style . Photos to compliment, a story line or just individual quotes. That would be super cute. 😀

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