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Simone never took to stuffed animals. She liked them as much as any kid, but I’d find them on the floor, in the corner, under the bed.

Nadia likes to squeeze something tight while she’s sleeping. I didn’t realize how important Ginger, pictured above, was until she started asking for her every night . I also noticed that when Nadia found her way to our room in the wee hours that Ginger made the trip with her. That’s loyalty. I would think when a child is making a trek to his or her parents’ bedroom that the only thing she’d be concerned about was herself. Not Nadia. If she’s going to get some shut-eye in the company of parents, she might as well have her friend with her. I guess we should be grateful she doesn’t want to sleep with anything hard and not-so-cuddly like toy cars or a plastic dollhouse. That would be really awkward.

As the eldest, I was more like Simone. I didn’t care for dolls and stuffed animals. My younger brother, though, had a monkey he dragged around the house for years. We moved a lot as children, living overseas and in several states. As adults, my brother and I have laughed about his dear monkey and have thought about when we lost him.

We’re not going to lose Ginger. She is going to college. I suspect that when Nadia decides to leave our house, she’s taking Ginger with her. By then, her fur will be thin, and she won’t seem quite as big as she once did. I can see Ginger being packed away, making the trek to campus, taking up residence on the dorm room bed, and providing comfort from childhood. And that’s okay.

2 thoughts to “Ginger

  • Blanc2

    This is sweet.  I knew a 86-year old woman who passed recently, a family friend, who stil had her “Ginger”, by then threadbare and tattered. 

  • Melissa

    When I was in high school, I belonged to a service club that made visits to our local nursing home.  On one visit I met a woman who was 100 years old.  (That was in 1964, so she was born during the Civil War.)  She was bedridden and had a doll that she kept with her at all times.  Just when I was starting to feel sorry for her, she smiled mischievously and turned the doll over and spanked its bottom!  We both had a good laugh.

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