Donna BrittBrothers (And Me)

By Donna Britt

A successful memoir tells a story, has a good reason for telling that story, and is well-written. Donna Britt’s memoir, Brothers (And Me), does all three. Her story is about giving and loving. She tells it because it is universal. As for her writing? I found myself studying it and wondering just how she pulled it off.

Donna Britt’s memoir is framed around the killing of her brother, Darrell. She doesn’t know it at the time, but his death carves a path for her life. She takes readers on a raw and sincere journey, where we meet her three brothers, two husbands, and three sons. In many ways the book reads like a long lunch date with a girlfriend. Britt takes responsibility for a death she couldn’t prevent and overcompensates for it in other area’s of her life. Ultimately, she realizes that she should give to herself and enjoy giving to others.

I savored this lyrical narrative. Brothers (And Me) is for all of the daughters, sisters, and mothers who have put men first in their lives. Pick it up. You won’t regret it.