giving gifts to children

Simone and Nadia come home with all kinds of freebies– candy, cookies, balloons, doughnuts, stickers, toys. The other day they came home with perfume samples and watches. Yes, watches. We had received samples before, which I put to good use, but the watches were too much. They were gift watches, the kind you get when you spend a certain amount or buy a new perfume.

A nice saleswoman gave Simone and Nadia the samples, which they don’t really use, and the watches, which they can’t really wear. (By the way, I think the watches are a bit garish and wouldn’t be caught wearing them.) She did nothing wrong, but I’m going to have to come up with some polite language to let people know it’s not necessary.

Most of it is harmless, I guess. I just don’t want Simone and Nadia to expect freebies or gifts, and I want them to learn the value of items. Call me paranoid, but I’m also not sure I want people I don’t know well chatting up my girls and giving them gifts. Just saying.

One thought to “When Others Spoil Your Children”

  • Amelia

    Sigh. I understand the issue all too well. My daughter looks like a young version of Drew Barrymore. Strangers tell us so.  Sitters, friends, and family would let her get away with bad behavior when she was younger just because they were entranced by the blonde ringlets and brown eyes. Then, we had to deal with the discipline issues at home.  Now she gets little gifts like you describe. We have similar safety concerns but we also have a concern that she’ll have an instilled sense of entitlement. That’s also carries potential pitfalls as well. This is a tough one to “hang tight” on as a parent. … Good luck and hang in.

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