first day of school

From the Daddy Files:

“As the girls got out of the car this morning, the clasp on Simone’s backpack zipper got caught on the mesh of Nadia’s backpack. When they realized the backpacks were stuck, Nadia began to weep, wail and flap her arms around in panic on the sidewalk while Simone, who was also crying, decided to try and loosen the backpacks by swinging them around her head with all her strength. I put the car in park, got out and calmly separated the clasp from the mesh. Instantly, the tears stopped and both girls headed off to class without a word.”


2 thoughts to “On the Third Day of Kindergarten …

  • Blanc2

    Cherish these days, you two.  Your daughters will grow up faster than you know it.  I turned on the lights a few mornings ago to realize my son was starting his junior year in high school.  He’s a foot taller than me, a ton smarter, charming and handsome.  Most important, he has grown to be an interesting, insightful person, fun to have around.  In about two years he’s gone.  The past 16 years seem like a blur.  I know other parents say this, but it really does go by very fast.

    • Honeysmoke

      We’re trying to. We already feel like the tender years have flown by. Thanks for the reminder.

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