If you’ve ever wondered about what your skin really looks like, check out this pantone Tumblr. 

It’s called Humanae, and it is a project that uses Pantone, or the code for colors, to show us how unique we are.  The photographer behind the project is Angelica Dass. She takes a picture of a model, uses a sample of the face to extract the color, and then posts the color as the background. The project is ongoing, and  the artist would like to “record and catalog all possible human skin tone,” according to the project’s website.

That last part makes me think the project can go on for infinity. There are as many colors of people as there are people in the world, at any given time.

Dass’  project has been posted all over the Internet, but I wanted to know more and tried to get an interview even if I would need to hire a translator. Dass says her work is interactive, directly involves people in photography, and brings attention to “social, cultural and racial identity, and masks.”

The project brings a new perspective to skin color. Dass has a background in fashion design. Imagine walking up to your favorite makeup counter and saying, I’d like a foundation that looks, well, just like me. Or saying, I’d like something with a little less of this color or a little more of that color because that matches my skin tone. Even if such practical uses never come to fruition, knowing and respecting that everyone has a different skin tone is empowering.

It can help us celebrate ourselves and embrace our one-of-a-kind qualities. It is, in a word, beautiful. I can see it playing out like this among children: I am not like her or him. I am like me. So far, Dass has only photograhed people in Spain. If she ever brings her project to the United States, I’d love to participate. After all, my color has a name. It might as well have a Pantone too?

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  • Laura Majersky

    Some people are almost lavender or purple! Amazing what happens when you have one part of your skin tone represent your whole skin coloring. Neat idea. I would totally get photo-ed for the project too.

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