A California mother is suing a school district for an A+ after her son received a C+ in chemistry.

Some are saying this is another case of helicopter parenting, but I’m not so sure. On the surface, it seems the parent just wants to get the grade that reflects her son’s intelligence, and it appears she exhausted every possible option before filing a lawsuit. But the school district is citing fairness and will not give the kid another chance to complete lab work he missed while attending an adoption hearing for his younger sister at the Contra Costa County Superior Courthouse.

The fact that the teacher is no longer employed by the school district makes me wonder what happened. People leave jobs all the time. In this case, I’d want to know why she is no longer a teacher for that particular school district. At the same time, many school districts have strict attendance policies. I’m not sure whether going to court for a sister’s adoption hearing is a valid excuse in the eyes of the district, especially if the child wasn’t testifying as a witness.

What do you think?

One thought to “Parent Sues For Grade”

  • BookLovingBoys

    I’m new to your blog and can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it. I don’t think it’s helicopter parenting and I’ve come to take issue with that term. Now, every time we critique something as parents or advocate for our children, we are blamed or labeled as this. I am a parent and an educator. There are times that I think that family is of the utmost importance. He was where he should have been on that day. My family was all together for the birth of my oldest son and then he was added to those in attendance for the birth of his younger brother. He missed school for one or two days because he just wanted to or needed to be a part of what was happening. That makes sense to me. 

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