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Head over to and check out a post titled What Not To Say To Mixed-Race Parents. I think the article covers it. In case it doesn’t, add your own comments/questions to the list in the comments below.

3 thoughts to “Good Read

  • Sophielovespeanutbutter

    Oooh, I really like this. (The link started at the end but I just arrowed back to the left to the beginning.)
    It’s great how she presented the way to ask about ‘how families came to be’ in a positive, inquisitive way. (Though, #9’s alternative still seems a bit negative.)  Ignoring differences in families feels the same to me as ignoring race all together. Not the way to go. But asking politely and with respect would be welcomed by most people.
    It would be interesting to inquire to moms and dads of blatantly biological children, “Are they adopted?” Just to see what happens.
    And the girl eating the apple in the photo for #10, such a cutie pie! 🙂

    • Honeysmoke

      Ah, I pasted in a new link. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Taliba2

    Hmmm. some of the responses were funny and sensitive; some just plain odd and and a few mean bordering on racist. Not sure if I think the blog covers everything in the best way; but interesting.

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