Volkswagen Beetle

Yellow Bug!

That’s what Simone and Nadia yell when they see a yellow Volkswagen Beetle Bug. I am not at all sure how this game started, but it keeps the little people in the back seat occupied. Simone particularly likes Volkswagen Bugs and Ford Mustangs, also known as horsey cars. Unfortunately, she also likes cars sporting the Mercedes Benz and Lexus logos.

This can’t be good, developing a penchant for cars so early in life. For example, Simone notices Mustangs often feature a running horse on the front and the back of the car. She points out some cars have closed “eyes,” and others have soft tops. Anything from the 1980s is called a Matchbox car, and she likes to spell the word, Jeep.

I’m glad Simone is learning and is eager to learn. I just don’t recommend that anyone else start this game because you may find yourself explaining to a 16-year-old why she cannot have the new fill-in-the-blank she has been dreaming about since she was four.