Haitian girls plays hand-clapping games

There’s been plenty of swimming, bowling, and skating. We expected all of that. Now for five things we didn’t expect Simone and Nadia to learn at Day Camp.

How to play hand-clapping games with new lyrics. Miss Mary Mack is no longer the standard. She has been replaced by some song about not going to Mexico and another that mentions Justin Bieber.

How to play slapjack. It’s a card game that requires slapping jacks and aces. There’s been no word on whether they are also learning how to play poker.

How to incorrectly use the word capiche. Nadia somehow learned that it means to promise, but we schooled her about its Italian meeting. On the plus side, she didn’t use any hand gestures while exercising her new language.

How to disappoint your parents. Simone has decided that the children at day camp are smarter than we are. We beg to differ and would like for this childhood roller coaster to slow down a bit. It would be nice if such revelations would arrive later rather than sooner than we expected.

How to party. Apparently, children now have slumber parties at hotels, complete with pillow fights. Guests are expected to bring DVDs of their favorite movies.