Locks of Love donation

On the left is Simone’s ponytail; on the right is Nadia’s. Together, we hope these ponytails can help make wigs for deserving children who have long-term medical hair loss.

Simone and Nadia’s hair has grown and grown. It was so long that if it were straight they could sit on it. No one planned for their hair to get that long. It just happened, and they needed a haircut.

We parents are always looking for a way to teach our children a much-needed lesson. I thought this would be a wonderful way to teach Simone and Nadia about giving. Not only that, the hair is something that is truly theirs and they know its value. I did a little research on Locks of Love and discussed it with them. They had no trouble cutting their hair to help another child.

I put their hair in braided ponytails, measured for 10-inches, and marked the place for the cut. Off to the salon we went. There, they received a lot of attention for their donation. Not only were they praised, they got real haircuts and now sport very cool bobs.

The only thing they worried about is whether the children at day camp would recognize them. Ken and I assured them that they looked the same. But they had to see for themselves. I am happy to report everyone recognized them.

4 thoughts to “Locks of Love

  • Blanc2

    Very nice.  What a great experience and lesson for the girls.

  • Beth

    What a lovely and generous act. Hats (and hair) off  to everyone in your family. The girls have learned an important life lesson.  And, I’ll bet they look darling with their new “dos.”

  • taliba2

    You are an awesome Mom  (and Dad); your children are gems!

    • Honeysmoke

      Thanks to all of you for your kind comments.

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