Simone and Nadia are growing like bamboo–straight up, no bumps. Simone is mostly legs just like you and Nadia will sprout a pair soon.

They remind me so much of you. Simone has been kissed by your stubborn streak. The kid loves to wear dresses. One day when they were all dirty and a skirt was the only option, she put her hand on her hip, sat on her bed, and scowled at me. She wanted a dress and was waiting for me to produce one out of thin air. The other dresses were dirty and her skirts are just as fun and pretty. She wasn’t having it. This obstinate nature carries over into every part of the kid’s life — from eating to doing homework. Once Simone has made up her mind, there is no changing it. She sounds a lot like you.

Nadia has your free spirit. She loves to break rules. When she was a toddler, she thought it was fun to turn on the water in the bathtub and then run away. She would tell on herself with her giggle and smile. Her sprint from the bathroom didn’t help either. Just this week, she took a piece of candy from a bowl. When confronted, she owned up to the deed. “Nadia strikes again,” she reported, with her signature giggle and smile. Nadia doesn’t take life too seriously. She reminds me of you.

You’re not here and you are here. Love and miss you.