It’s too small to call it an office. So, I’m calling it a nook. It’s the one place in the house where I can find a little peace and quiet — and it’s inside my closet.

Earlier this year, I decided to just write the darn book. I’m easily distracted and needed a place where I could shut out the world. The closet works. It’s perfect for writing because it has no TV, spotty wi-fi coverage, and a door. Sure, I’d like a window to just stare when my mind wanders and it’d be nice to have the calming effects of a small water fountain. A window would make this little project unfeasible, and there’s no plug for a fountain. For now, pictures are a stand-in for the missing window, and I haven’t given up hope of finding an acceptable battery-operated water fountain.

There is a small chalkboard for writing inspiration and deadlines, and I’ve decorated the nook with family photos and items I cherished or made when I was a child. I shamelessly stole a tiny chair from the girls. I use it as a floor pillow of sorts. A kidney shaped portable desk makes it comfortable for me to write from a very low post.

The “desk” has been fashioned out of a shelf and brackets purchased at the local home improvement store. The “curtain” is a piece of outdoor fabric, and the chair is from Ikea. The only other expense was for the red and black bins that were found at the local discount store. I already owned everything else.

I highly recommend one of these for any and all mommies who need a moment to themselves. In fact, I think we should start a movement. You’ve heard of the Man Cave. Well, this is the Mommy Nook.

How and where do you find a moment of peace?





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  • Newman T.

    I love the red color. I also have a small space in my house where I could find my peace. How long have you used that personal space? Keep on sharing photos here.


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