Simone’s teacher asked all of her students to make and write their own Valentine’s Day cards. The assignment encourages her students to write. It also makes for great reading for parents.

A few of the notes refer to Simone’s ankle. A few days before Valentine’s Day, she fell off a see-saw after school, and a kid fell on top of her. (Yes, there was more than one child on each end of the see-saw.) Simone seemed fine at first but then complained about her ankle. The accident led to her very first trip to the emergency room. Doctors took X-rays and declared that she would live. A nurse wrapped her ankle and gave her kiddie-sized pain killers. Simone and Nadia wore big smiles on their faces as they were rolled out of the ER in a wheelchair. A week later Simone danced around the house.

Here are a few of the sweet ones. I’ve copied the notes just as they were written.

Dear Simone,

I’m sorry that you sprang your ancle.

Dear Simone,

You are a good friend. I love you. I love you like my friend.

Dear Simone,

You are a good good frind. You are funny. Happy Valentin!

Dear Simone,

You are awesome. You are smart. You are the best. You are a rainbow.

Dear Simone,

You are the greatest girl in the world. You are so nise. I wish you were my sister. I hope that your ankel feels better.

Dear Simone,

You is a good friend

Dear Simone,

You are smrt. You are good at drawing. You are fast.



One thought to “Valentine’s”

  • Laura M.

    These are adorable. I love how they are straight to the point. “You are smart.” Short, simple, effective. đŸ˜‰

    And this was such a nice tonic to everyones crabby posts about how Valentines day is horrible. I could get on board with a Valentines like this. Handwritten notes full of compliments, that’s pretty awesome!


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