This year reminded me just how short life can be. It can be gone in a moment. This year reminded me that walking around angry about something out of my control doesn’t solve the problem. Do the work, don’t fester. This year reminded me that carrying anger is hurtful and makes it difficult to move in any direction. Let it go, whatever it is, and move on.

As I close 2011 and look forward to 2012, I am apologizing for past wrongs, forgiving those who hurt me and being thankful for all that I have. Maybe it’s corny. Maybe it’s a little “out there.” I’m hoping it frees me and allows me to soar in 2012.

So, here goes:

I am so sorry for being insensitive, offensive, or otherwise dense to all of my family, friends, and complete strangers in 2011. Let’s be clear. I am not apologizing for having strong views. I believe what I believe. I am apologizing for the way I aired those views. I am apologizing for not considering others’ feelings.

I meant well. Really, I did. Sometimes my passion took over and I said and did the wrong thing. I made a terse comment, hurt feelings, drew the wrong conclusion. I shouldn’t have. I am sorry. Please accept my apology.

Next: Forgiveness.


2 thoughts to “Apologies

  • Beth

    Excellent post, Monique. Two of the most difficult words in the English language: “I’m sorry.” And, you’re right, letting go of anger and moving on–freeing.

  • nikki @blasian baby notes

    I accept your apologize 🙂

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