I don’t know what made me do it. I recently visited tightlycurly.com, clicked on rinsing conditioners and found a warning that Herbal Essences has been changing its conditioner ingredients.

That’s nothing new. Products change all of the time. This change, though, compelled me to read further. Herbal Essences now contains sodium hydroxide, or lye.

I picked up our huge bottle of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner, the one I use to detangle Simone and Nadia’s hair, and started reading. I found the words sodium hydroxide among the tiny print. It’s way on down the list and may be in a form that’s completely safe.

It doesn’t matter to me. There is no way I’m putting anything in my children’s hair that contains any form of lye. I fired Herbal Essences. Our hair relationship is over, done for, kaput.

I’ve been using TRESemme Naturals. It is silicone-free and contains aloe vera and avocado. It is our new detangler and leave-in. That is, until the manufacturer changes the ingredients.


4 thoughts to “Hair Ingredient Snob

  • Yaa

    There is nothing to worry about as its not a major/active ingredient it is not lye – it cannot relax your hair in this quantity. The only thing it might do is dry your hair out – in my experience it is such a good detangler that this does not happen – it did once save me from having to cut out a huge tangle which it simply melted away.

    • Honeysmoke

      I’m not worried about relaxed hair, but I am worried about dried out hair. Tresemme Naturals is really good at detangling. Give it a try.

  • Karen Stafford

    i would imagine that it is ok. hair companies could get in trouble if they put something that harsh in their products without testing.

  • Keya

    Oh my! Thanks for that information. I’m going to switch right away. My hair has been feeling kinda dry after I leave the hello hydration in. I never thought to check the ingredients.

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