Children of interracial marriage tell how family dynamics affected their dating habits. Enjoy.


One thought to “Good Read”

  • Blanc2

    Interesting read. Among our kids, we see very much the pattern described — kids these days don’t see race. Admittedly our kids might not be a good sample because they attend a private school known for its intensive and challenging academics, which means that most families have double college educated parents.

    The article raises four items that address interracial marriages: (a) family pressure (per the article, this is becoming less of a factor, but it still exists as a factor (usually an inhibiting factor) in interracial marriage; (b) older age of marriage (more likely to be interracial); (c) segregation (many married people first meet via common social networks, whereas interracial couples more often meet accidentally, in public); (d) white dating/marrying (whites remain least amenable to entering into interracial relationships).

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