Simone’s school raised more than $3,400 by collecting Box Tops For Education last year. That’s a lot of pencils and erasers.

At first, I was annoyed by the little pieces of paper. Clipping was another task I didn’t need added to my already busy routine. Still, I gave it a try. Before I knew it, we had collected 10, or a dollar. Then $5 worth and finally $10.

When a note came home asking for parent volunteers for various school activities this year, I surprised myself. I put a lone check mark on the sheet and signed up for the Box Tops Committee.

At the first meeting, I learned Box Tops are no longer just found on boxes. I can win Box Tops. There are Box Tops specials and Box Tops coupons. There are Double Box Tops, Triple Box Tops, and even Bonus Box Tops. But most of those strategies involve paper.

Then I learned I can earn Box Tops by shopping online. Bingo! All I have I have to do is sign up for my kid’s school at, click on marketplace, click on my favorite travel site/book store/discount retailer and buy the things I usually buy. The predetermined amount of Box Tops is immediately deposited into the school’s account. After the meeting, I could hardly wait to tell Ken what I had earned. He was tickled by my, um, enthusiasm.

I wasn’t the only parent who got excited. With the holidays coming up, the committee decided we could raise all kinds of money and set this year’s goal at $5,000. Wish us luck!


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  • Blanc2

    Be careful. Our daughter got a bit too zealous. A month or two later we discovered many products stored in the basement storage room that had been surreptitiously clipped, including multiple plasic packs of wet wipes, which of course were completely dried out because of the hole cut in the plastic where the “box top” had been removed.

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