It wasn’t long ago that I went to the spa and got a talking to from my beauty expert.

Get your skin act together, she said. You are not a young thing anymore. You must take care of your skin.

After she whipped my skin and me into shape, she sent me home with an arm full of  items. They work well — and are expensive.

That’s the problem with my skin care regimen. I don’t want to spend that kind of money on lotions and potions. Plus,  I want something with natural ingredients. I had three choices: I could either keep purchasing the expensive stuff, mix my own concoction or buy it from  a reputable organic store.

Cue Mission Impossible music.

With my skin in good shape, I tried to find an affordable solution. I already knew about Bentonite Clay and use it for facials. Bentonite Clay is available at many health food stores for $8 or $9 for 16 ounces.

Armed with that information, I was sure I could find something organic and affordable to exfoliate and moisturize my skin. I clicked around and found Mountain Rose Herbs Cleansing Grains.

For $5.25, Mountain Rose Herbs offers two ounces of White Kaolin clay, organic Oat Bran, Almond meal, organic Corn meal, powdered Rose petals, and a blend of pure steam distilled essential oils. It smells divine. Mix a pinch or two with a little spring water or tea, apply to face in circular motions and rinse.

Warning: Don’t put anything wet in the jar, not even a finger, unless you want to contaminate all the goodies. Use a plastic or wooden spoon to scoop out a little each use.

For the body, try dead sea salt. It is the main ingredient in many body scrubs. Mountain Rose Herbs has a one-pound bag of dead sea salt for $4.50. Want to spend even less? Buy a five-pound bag here. Need some aromatherapy with that? Draw a bath, sprinkle in a tablespoon or so of dead sea salt and a few drops of an essential oil. Or, mix dead sea salt with a carrier oil, say jojoba, and use it to exfoliate the entire body. Both recipes provide an instant spa experience without the spa price. Enjoy!

Do you have any money-saving beauty secrets? Spill!



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  • Laura M.

    I was thinking about this just yesterday! I am guilty of neglecting my skin too. I wash my face with *gasp*… bar soap. (Dr. Bronners, but still.) But I have found that honey is a nice cleansing moisturizer mask type thing. I keep a bottle of it in the shower. Raw is best. Crunchy Chicken had a post raving about coconut oil a while back. I have used it off and on. AND

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