A fun repost.
Nadia loves butterflies, so it was no surprise when she asked for a butterfly garden for her birthday.

She received a net on her birthday, and we ordered the larvae a little later.

Yep, you can order your own baby caterpillars, put them in a well-lit place and watch them grow and grow.

Just like expected, they move to the top and each forms a chrysalis.

After they form a chrysalis, you or your designated chrysalis transferer move them to the net.

Before you know it, there are butterflies flapping their wings inside the net.  Put a little honey in some water with a piece of paper as a wick, throw in some leaves and you’ve got yourself one fun science project.

I’m not sure who was more excited about the butterflies. Simone and Nadia checked on the project every day, marveling at the changes. “Wow,” they said. Ken and I also thought the science project growing in our bathroom was pretty neat. “Wow,” we said.

Nadia wanted to invite her entire preschool class to our house to meet her butterflies. Instead, she took them to preschool for share time. Ken said they would walk a few steps, and a child would stop them and stare at the butterflies.

The next day we released them.

Simone and Nadia put their hands in the net and tried to get the butterflies to sit on their fingers. It almost happened. The girls squealed as the butterflies flew away.

I was relieved. I had worried about those butterflies. What if they died or we killed them? I am happy to report we did not disappoint Mother Nature. We received six larvae and released six butterflies. Whew!

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  • Beth

    This is fabulous! What an interesting and educational family project. I’m sharing with my (big) kids and grandchildren. More pictures, please, when they reach maturity.

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