In celebration of the blog’s second anniversary, I offer four of my favorite photos. No children were harmed in the making of this blog post. These photos were not staged. In the second photo, Simone fell asleep on the floor and her uncle put a pillow under her head. Thanks for reading!

sleep in crib

Nadia, dozing while sitting up.

Asleep on the floor

Simone, napping on the hardwood floor.

Wild Sleeping

Simone, after  the couch got in her way.


Simone and Nadia, snoozing sideways.





3 thoughts to “Honeysmoke Turns Two!

  • Beth

    Congratulations on the two-year anniversary. Such beautiful little girls …!

  • taliba

    Beautiful girls. I especially love the first photo.

  • Blanc2

    Beautiful pictures. Cherish these moments because they grow up fast. One day you’ll turn around and realize you have teenagers.

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