As I turned the pages on the June issue of Ebony, I realized I hadn’t revisited the May 2011 issue. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to digest Mixed-Race America.

For so long, if you picked up a newspaper or magazine, changed the channel to a favorite television show or watched the commercials between the shows, there was absolutely no representation of mixed-race Americans or their families.

This year alone, there has been a New York Times series on multiracial families and Ebony’s special report. Television show writers are creating roles about interracial relationships, and manufacturers have realized that interracial families have money to spend on their products.

What does it all mean? Is it a form of validation? Is it all about money? Both? Something else altogether? Discuss.

One thought to “Ebony's Special Report”

  • Keya

    I’m glad that familes like us are being represented on T.V. I want my children to see that.
    Is it all a marketing scheme? It’s possible.

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