A Facebook page for Naturalista Cosmetics has been flooded with racist comments and materials. If the intent of the posts was to spread hate, the strategy has failed miserably. The words are gone, and the Fairfax County Police are investigating. The Facebook page is now covered in messages of support, and naturals like me want to know more about Naturalista Cosmetics and its products.


Northern Virginia Hair Care Business Overrun By Racist Posts on Its Facebook Page: MyFoxDC.com

One thought to “Sticks and Stones …”

  • b.

    Whoa. This is craziness and nonsense. The thought that someone devotes their life energy to harassing and hating someone else to this degree is sick. People wonder why there are hate laws in this day and age…it’s because the past is not dead and what starts as taunts can lead to physical violence.

    I hope Ms. Norfleet continues to get all the support she needs to combat this assault. I also wonder how many other sites are being targeted in this way?

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