A day before Easter, Simone and Nadia took their baskets to a nearby park for a festival. They had missed the hunt but played a lot of games and won some prizes. After all the fun and games, Ken loaded the baskets into the back of his car and headed home. For some reason, no one took the baskets out of the car, and they wound up going to work with Ken.

When Simone discovered what had happened, she had to let someone know. She needed to get word to the Easter Bunny. Otherwise, he might not stop at our house, and the girls wouldn’t get any candy or gifts. She asked me what the Easter Bunny would like to eat. My answer: apples. Sure, bunnies like carrots, but we didn’t have any of those. She wrote a note, posted it near a door and left an empty egg and an apple on the floor below the note.

Dear Easter Bunny,

We do not have our Easter baskets. So, Easter Bunny, can you bring us two Easter baskets?

Thank you, Simone and Nadia

P.S. There is an egg for you.

Now I don’t like to perpetuate lies. For example, we’ve told the girls that we are Santa Claus. But I didn’t say a word about the Easter Bunny. I figured a good story was blossoming and I’d leave well enough alone. I can tell them next year that Mommy and Daddy are the Easter Bunny.

When Ken got home, I told him about his, um, mistake, how he had taken the Easter baskets to work and how the girls feared they wouldn’t get any candy or gifts. He bowed his head. Not to worry, Simone took care of it, I told him. She wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny and asked for new baskets. She also left an egg and an apple. Okay, this is where I fiddled with the story.

“Can you eat the apple?”

No problem, he said.

“I also think the Easter Bunny should write a letter to them.”

Ken, being a big kid himself, didn’t think twice. Here’s what the girls found this morning.

Happy Easter!

4 thoughts to “Love and Carrots, E.B.

  • Mrs. K

    This is too adorable!

  • Danielle

    That was cute!

  • Blanc2

    That’s very sweet. You’ll get a kick out of this. Some years ago our daughter (our youngest) was beginning to ask those questions kids ask when they suspect that Mama and Daddy are really Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, etc. When she lost a tooth she pointedly said to my wife: “Are you and Daddy really the Tooth Fairy?” My wife said: “Do you want to know the truth?” My daughter said: “Let’s wait until after the Tooth Fairy comes for this tooth and then you can tell me the truth.”

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