The clip above is from ABC. It’s part of a series of reports entitled “What Would You Do?” Reporter John Quinones creates uncomfortable scenarios and covers them with hidden cameras. I’ve seen these reports, but I hadn’t caught this one. Check it out.

3 thoughts to “What Would You Do?

  • Mrs. K

    My husband and I watched this together and were very disappointed although, not really shocked. We don’t have kids yet but I wonder what my husband and I would do in this situation. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for sharing this video

  • Keya

    Wow. I’m very fortunate to have not experienced this with my boys. I would probably go off. I was very proud of the lady at the end, and the little girl.

  • Logan

    I love the way this video ends. I didn’t catch, was the waiter another actor? He looked like the same man in each clip, so I guess he must have been. I wonder how the videos would have gone if the waiter hadn’t intervened? Either way, I am thankful for everyone out there like the last woman that voiced her opinion. I am also thankful for that little girl and her views, which in turn makes me grateful for her parents for teaching her so well. I only hope one day everyone can see her point, and maybe we can all be purple with pink poka dots!

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