Say you’re out of town, can’t find your trusty hair bonnet and refuse to let your hair come within inches of a cotton pillowcase. What would a curly do? Well, this curly started thinking about other soft things I had brought along for the trip.

While rummaging through the girls’ suitcase, I found a pair of satiny pajama bottoms. They were bright green and accented with pink and green elephants. Maybe just maybe these could work, I thought. The waistband of the pajama bottoms comfortably fit around my noggin’. I tied the legs in a loose knot and tucked the extra fabric underneath the waistband.

Not only did it work, but it stayed on all night. Even my trusty hair bonnet refuses to do that. Still, I am not retiring my trusty hair bonnet. The one drawback of my experiment: Simone and Nadia couldn’t help but ask over and over again why I wore pajamas as a crown, and I couldn’t really come up with a good answer.


4 thoughts to “Unusual Hair Tip

  • Nikki @ Euphoria Luv

    Oh gosh I laughed so hard thinking about you walking around with pants on youe head

  • Keya

    Great tip.

  • Michelle

    I’m totally using that tip and wearing pants on my head. Thank you!

  • Mrs. K

    Too cute and so creative.

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