I had a lovely chat with Michelle McCrary on the Is That Your Child? podcast. We talked about the Critical Mixed Race Studies conference, interracial relationships in the Deep South, and some blog and book projects. I only had a few Did-I-Just-Say-That moments. Did I really say that my husband “allows” me to work on the blog and book? Did I say that? Umm, I had better stick to being a writer, where I can revise and revise and revise. In the meantime, someone please install self-editing 5.0 in my hard drive. I certainly need it. A link to the podcast is below. Enjoy!

Is That Your Child #118_ Special Guest Honeysmoke

We covered a lot of ground. Share your thoughts on any of the above in the comments section.

Is That Your Child? is a live weekly podcast on Blog Talk Radio for moms and dads of color to mixed children. The podcast is hosted by Michelle McCrary. She is a reformed and former entertainment publicist who made the transition from working mom to stay-at-home mom almost one year ago. As a woman of color in a mixed marriage and as the new mom to a mixed child, she wanted to connect with other moms of color to share resources, advice and experiences. Thanks to a powerful online community of moms and dads of color to mixed children, ITYC boasts more than 2,000 listeners, and counting.