I am not a sports fan. Sure, I watch football games with my hubby and cheer at the appropriate times. Other than that, I don’t keep up with what’s happening on or off the field, court or diamond. Still, I was intrigued by a matter of race that found its way into my inbox.

Jalen Rose, a former NBA player who is now an analyst at ESPN, said Duke University only recruits black players who are “Uncle Toms.” There’s nothing new there. People call other people names every day. What struck me was Grant Hill’s well-written and thoughtful response. Mr. Hill is a Duke alum who plays forward for the Phoenix Suns. If everyone who encountered a racial stereotype responded like Mr. Hill, race would be much less of an issue in this country. Enjoy!

3 thoughts to “Good Read

  • Keya

    There’s more on this on the official Grant Hill website. New York Times had to trim it down.

    • Honeysmoke

      Thanks for the finger point.

  • diana

    Great link- only hope my children write/speak about me and their father that way someday– humbling.

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