I’m pretty sure my husband could have written this essay about what happens when mothers leave their children in the care of their fathers. Thankfully, mothers don’t stay gone for long. There’s no telling what foolishness would transpire after a week home with dad.

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  • Blanc2

    That’s cute. In our house I do most of the cooking. When mom is away our kids eat well. But the hair, well that’s another story. When our daughter was young my wife braided her hair every day, usually in multiple braids. The first time the wife travelled I had to “man up” and face this task on my own. By the time I was done, an objective observer would probably have concluded that a bad person had attacked my daugher’s hair and intentionally messed it up as much as possible. “That’s okay, Daddy,” she said, with palpable disappointment in her little voice. It broke my heart and believe it or not I became competent at braiding. I never achieved the taut, crisp artistry of my wife, but it looked aight when I was done.

    • Honeysmoke

      Yes, hair is an issue.

  • Ernessa

    I really did not like that article. I don’t see anything all that humorous about a dad that can’t properly take care of his own children (especially if they get sick) when the mom goes away. That’s just poor parenting. Also, I didn’t understand the concept of bestowing praise on your husband for babysitting his own children for a few days. Actually I do understand the concept, but find it disheartening that there are still men out there that believe women — especially full time mothers — should be slovenly grateful for receiving the occasional vacation from the work that they do. Seriously, this article nearly made my head explode with rage.

    If either my husband or I go out of town, we thank each other for taking over the majority of the childcare while whoever is away. No need to bestow praise like raising our children isn’t technically both our jobs anyway.

    That all said, Blanc2, hair is an issue for us, too. Whenever my husband is left in charge, when I come back, I’m reminded anew that I must exercise, eat right, and do everything within my power to stay healthy — at least until our child and future child(ren) get old enough to do their own hair. Lordy….

    • Honeysmoke

      I definitely see your point, and I agree with you on the baby-sitting part. Ken does not baby-sit. He takes care of the kids. But as far as food goes, I know they don’t eat as well when I’m not around.

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