Nadia had her first haircut the other day. Yes, she is almost 4 and got her very first haircut. What can I say? I’ve been babying those ends.

The delayed haircut has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that her hair is curliest on the ends. It has absolutely nothing to do with my fear she will have more waves than curls when she is older. It has absolutely nothing to do with my own curl bias.

Just like her sister, Nadia had her first haircut at a salon for kids. (Simone was almost 3 when she got her first haircut.) There’s nothing better than having your haircut while you sit in a Thomas the Train chair, wear a smock covered in fish and watch Dora the Explorer.

The owners keep the first snips for moms like me who want to keep those very first strands. If Nadia’s hair becomes more wavy than curly, that’s fine. I will have forever a few locks of her baby curls.

3 thoughts to “Curl Bias

  • Nikki

    How cool is that salon? I wish we had something like that here!

  • The gold digger

    My sister did not get her first haircut until she was four. It was not my mother’s decision. The neighbor boy and my sister got into the gardener’s tools, pulled out the pruning shears, and snip! cut off Jenny’s ponytail. She had long, curly, golden locks that went great with her plump rosy cheeks that the Spaniards so loved to pinch.

    My mother was not happy.

    Jenny’s hair did grow back, but not that curly.

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