Yes, the photo above is a page from my book proposal filled with editing marks and comments. Editing is a daunting task, and I am almost done. Almost.

A book’s title is one of its most important selling points. On the advice of my SheWrites consultants, I have given my book a new title. I am taking their advice that Raising Nadia and Simone is easier on the lips than Raising Simone and Nadia. At first, I figured it didn’t make sense because Simone was born first. Then I thought, Hey, both of their names are in the title. What’s the big deal?

I agree the subtitle I had chosen was in conflict with the book’s title. That’s probably because I focused all of my attention on getting the perfect title and wasn’t sure whether the subtitle should build on the title or introduce new information about the book. I imagine this changes on a case by case basis.

That said, the new title of my book is …. (Drum roll, please)

Raising Nadia and Simone: My Family’s Definition of Race

I can’t wait to see what kind of feedback I receive from literary agents. In the meantime, I have set three writing goals for this year.

1. Find an excellent literary agent who gets me and my work

2. Sign a sweet book publishing contract, complete with an advance

3. Find a publisher and illustrator for a nonfiction children’s picture book I’ve written about racial identity

9 thoughts to “New Year, New Title


    Great title! Good luck with all of your goals for this year!

  • Mrs. K

    Wow, great title. I can’t wait until your book hit the shelves. Best of luck and happy new year.

  • Julia

    So exciting! When your books are published, we’d love to review them at Love Isn’t Enough, or post a piece you’ve written about the books, or post excerpts, or whatever you’d like (and your publisher is okay with).


  • Nikki @ Blasian Baby Notes

    Nice title. Hoping you complete all your goals this year.

  • Beth

    A strong title that says it all. Three cheers!

    When you’re a bestselling author, I hope you’ll remember the little people who knew you when you started this project.

    Methinks this will be a banner year for you.

    You go, girl!

  • Rania

    So excited for you! I know an illustrate in NY however not sure he would be your style. He does a lot of action and comic book illustrations. Doesn’t hurt to check him out though – Or Brian Winkler in OKC who is a former agency co-worker of mine – Robot House Creative.

    Feel free to email me for any information.

    Regardless, praying much success for you this year!

    • Honeysmoke


      Just in case you’re looking here — Send me a note at honeysmoke @ honeysmoke (dot) com. There isn’t an email affiliated with your message.

  • michelle

    Fantastic title. I’m so excited for you. Godspeed. I can’t wait to buy the book.

  • Amanda

    Love it! Great way to start the year! All the best in 2011!

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