From June forward, Ken and I answered all gift requests with “maybe for Christmas.” I made a mental note of the request, and the “I want” chatter was kept to a minimum. It would have been a fine plan, had I actually purchased the gifts back then.  The girls didn’t ask for much. It is just I had to track it all down. On top of that, I had to manage gift-giving from relatives.

“Is it okay to give them this?”

“No, try that.”

It has been a full-time job, I tell you.

Christmas always has been a joy, mostly because I’ve kept a short list. I reserve gift-giving for close family and friends, and I love surprising people with thoughtful gifts. This year I got a little overwhelmed. For a moment, I didn’t think I could do it. The buzzer would sound on Christmas Eve, and I would not be finished.

I completed the task with time to spare. Still, I will be rethinking how we put items on the list and when we purchase them. I’ve got four days left, and it will take all of that time to wrap gifts and put together the gifts Simone and Nadia will want to play with immediately. I guess I am trying to say it was a major feat to pull off Christmas this year, and I am ready for my bonus. You know, all of that tearing into paper, followed by a split second of silence and then squeals of delight.

Do you have a good plan for Christmas shopping? Let me hear it.

3 thoughts to “Maybe for Christmas

  • Mrs. K

    Sweet post. Like you I have a short list so it’s not so stressful for me. I mainly I have to think about hubby, since we have no kids yet. For the grandparents and I parents I give money because that’s what they prefer. This works great for us. Good luck to you over the next few days 🙂

  • Blanc2

    We try to start Christmas shopping in January and gradually acquire things during the year. At actual Christmas we often buy very little, most of our shopping completed months earlier.

    • Honeysmoke

      this is what we need to do.

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