There’s nothing sweeter than a Hershey’s Kiss. The girls love it, and I have a weakness for it. What a great co-conspirator for Operation Bedtime Kiss.

I slipped one Kiss under Simone and Nadia’s pillows before I went to the airport. Plan A:  The girls would find the Kisses at bedtime. Not such a good idea. They’d want to eat them and that would not be good for their teeth. Plan B: I’d call around bathtime and tell them to look under their pillows. Perfect.

I wanted the girls to know I was thinking about them while I was in Chicago. Their squeals let me know they got the point. Nadia thought I had magical powers. “How did you do that?” she wanted to know. Simone reported again and again to her grandmother what I had done.

The best part was when I came home a few days later. Simone and Nadia are always excited to welcome me home. Hearing them say “Mommy!” makes my heart leap. This time they said they had a surprise for me. It was in my room, under my pillow. That’s where I found two Kisses.

How sweet. I was so thankful to be home, and I think we just started a family tradition.

5 thoughts to “Kisses

  • Beth

    A confirmed chocoholic who can be bought with a candy bar, I can relate to the joy Simone and Nadia experienced on finding kisses under their pillows. Yes, I do believe you have started a very sweet family tradition.

    I hope someone I know reads this and takes a hint.

    Love your writing.

    • Honeysmoke

      Hint taken. 😉

  • TdoubleB

    Awww, that was sweet.

  • Mrs. K

    This is so precious. I love it. Very thoughtful and sweet (like chocolate). I may have to borrow this one some time. 🙂

  • Blanc2

    That’s a lovely story, but my son and I have become addicted to Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered raisins. Yum!

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