A brave soul allowed Simone and Nadia to name his standard poodle puppy. Simone is responsible for the first and third names, while Nadia dreamed up the middle name. (Yes, she has seen snow. I think she was going for the feeling of the name.) Jackson, as we call him, is a very smart dog and will be a wonderful companion for his owner.

The girls loved having a puppy around for a few days even if he nibbled on their shoes and tore two holes in a dress while Nadia was wearing it. Don’t worry, she’s fine.

We do have a bit of a bone to pick with Jackson. We left him in a bathroom for a few hours while we attended an event. When we returned, we saw Jackson had jumped up on the bathtub and turned on the cold and hot water. Nadia discovered this serious design flaw as a toddler and would turn on the water and then take off like nothing had happened. I mean, who puts the faucet on the side of the tub? Anyway, we have no idea how long the water was running. All will be forgiven as soon as we see the damage and settle the water bill with Jackson’s owner.

3 thoughts to “Meet Jackson Snowball Chaning

  • Mrs. K

    He’s adorable. I just wrote a post about my doggies. You should check it out if you have time. We love our pets!

  • Blanc2

    Very cute, and I love it when dogs are given more than one name. A friend of mine had a dog named “Bones Jones.” Our family dog is named “Frida Collar” — the name “Frida” on her collar when we got her lent itself perfectly to the pun on “Frida Kahlo.”

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