The blog stays. I’ve given myself some new rules. (More on that later.) I’m also launching a new feature. For now, it’s called Say What?

Folks asking insensitive questions? Let me respond. Not sure how to handle family and friends? I’ll tell you how. Need a little support? I am here to help.

Click on the contact button and ask away.

2 thoughts to “Open For Questions

  • Akilia

    I just started reading your blog and love it! I also follow Terry Laflesh’s advise for hair care on my 2 biracial son and daughter, it is working great. I am black and my husband is white, my family and his family is very accepting and color is not an issue with them. My son who is 5 came out a pretty “latte” skin color and hair, kinda a mix of my husband and I, but my daughter came out more like the frothy milk on top,lol. With blue eyes and blonde hair to match. Both my kids are strikingly beautiful, we get several comments every where we go. I guess my question is how do you explain to kids how one child looks more like one side of the family and visa versa? And how do you deal with the looks from people who wonder where you got this child from when I am not with my husband? lol

  • Honeysmoke

    My first question! I’ll answer it on Friday.

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