Teri's picture taken by Cathy Metschar of BambiniStudio.com

© 2010 Teri LaFlesh

The best thing to do at night to prevent tangling is to never ever brush, comb, or finger comb your child’s hair when it’s dry. When you are between washings, simply put her hair (when it’s long enough), in several braids or twists to protect it at night. In the morning you can undo her braids (or twists), and again don’t brush, comb, or finger comb her hair (that just creates huge frizz and matting). Instead, wet your hands, put a bit of a good, slippery conditioner on them, rub your hands together, and smooth your hands over your child’s curls. Repeat as necessary until the flattened and fuzzy spots are gone. Her curls will spring back to life as her hair dries.

Teri LaFlesh is the author of Curly Like Me: How to Grow Your Hair Healthy, Long, and Strong.