… you can calculate in your head how much money you’ll save by eating in.

… you can negotiate peace better than an United Nations ambassador.

… you can spot a mess from a mile away.

… you can drive with one hand and hold your child’s hand with the other.

… you can dress a child in 5.5 seconds.

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2 thoughts to “You Know You’re A Parent When …

  • Katie@happygirlhair.com

    …find your purse littered with crayons, cheerios and To Do lists
    …you can’t think a whole thought without interruption
    …you miss someone who is napping in the next room
    …you hear little voices say “mom” in your sleep, when no one is actually calling
    …you get sentimental over outgrown clothes

  • Melissa

    …you find yourself saying things like “because I said so, that’s why.”
    …you have an audience every time you try to use the bathroom.
    …it seems like you’re taking enough stuff along to supply a small army whenever you go out.
    …you have a greater tolerance for parents of kids who’re having meltdowns in restaurants than you ever thought possible.
    …you laugh at how absolutely clueless you were before having kids.

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