We took Simone and Nadia on a road trip. This blog post is proof that we survived.

I packed their favorite snacks and learning toys — and then hoped for a peaceful and safe trip. They read and played with their Leapsters. Of course, there were skirmishes about cartridges and books.  I want that. She’s being selfish. We solved most of the disagreements, but one left Nadia in tears.

Ken and I pointed out 18-wheelers, bodies of water, animals and odd landmarks. The girls chatted with each other, and Nadia made up more than a few songs. Our best move: taking a one-hour rest to eat and let the girls play a bit. Our worst move: having to take make a bathroom stop only 45 minutes into the trip.

Simone and Nadia charmed their relatives and ate a lot of junk food. We got one what-nationality-are-they? question from a young person who hadn’t given much thought to the question before asking it. He said the girls looked Hispanic — a common guess. I’m amazed how these questions no longer bother me.

One the way to our destination, Simone asked how much farther we had to drive at least two billion times. On the way home, we were pummeled with “Are we there yet?” Kid time is much slower than adult time. I bet it felt like we were in the car for a week when it was four hours each way.

Our trip was safe and somewhat peaceful. We will definitely take the girls on more road trips. Still, there aren’t any plans to visit  the Grand Canyon in the immediate future.

Do you have any road trip tricks? Share them in the comment section.

3 thoughts to “Road Trip

  • Melissa

    Gee, forty-five minutes before the first bathroom stop is pretty good! We usually barely got out of the driveway before having to find a service station. I always had a suspicion that our daughter just liked to see what other bathrooms looked like and didn’t really have to go.

  • Honeysmoke

    We suspect Simone likes she can say she has to go and we act immediately. When she was younger, she liked going to check out the decor. Thank goodness, she has grown out of that.

    • Melissa

      “Checking out the decor”—how funny! Now that I think of it, maybe that was the beginnings of my daughter’s career in interior design. Maybe Simone has a similar appreciation for aesthetics. 🙂

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