In this week’s installment, we find out what happens when a mixed race couple has twins, learn about a new Facebook skin lightening application and hear how “One Man’s Journey to Change the World, One Child At A Time.”

Good Kids: Meet Huggable Heros. Source: Build A Bear

Health: Raising healthier kids. Source:

Parenting: Mixed race twins have different skin tone. Source: Jezebel

Wish-it-weren’t-true News: Facebook has a new skin lightening application. Source: Angry Asian Man

Kid Book Review: Three Cups of TeaSource: Scholastic

One thought to “Kid News Report”

  • b.

    I remember someone blogging about Vaseline’s Healthy Body Complexion Lotion that basically offers a “tan in a bottle”. You can find it on Amazon. This and the lotion sold in India are equally stupid, IMO. (See the advertising link in the AAM story. That ad site is baffling.) I see no reason why “improvement” has to equal changing one’s complexion. Thanks for the links.

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