Handprints at Kip Fulbeck's Mixed Kids exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

Where is the best place to raise biracial and multiracial children? My answer: anywhere and everywhere.

A few weeks ago, I posted some numbers about a study conducted by the Pew Research Center on interracial marriages. I chose a handful of figures I found interesting. What struck me about the stats was that interracial marriages and the attitudes about them are changing in every corner of the country, in cities large and small, in the Deep South, the Midwest, as well as on the coasts.

The experience of raising biracial and multiracial children is different in every community, depending on who is living there. Some are more accepting than others. The truth is, this nation is moving toward a day when there will be so many children of so many different races and ethnicities that what we now call race simply won’t matter. That is the day the question above and others like it will become irrelevant.

This may be an uncomfortable reality for those who have benefitted from the divisive ways we have identified ourselves. I, for one, look forward to that day and hope I see it in my lifetime.

One thought to “Our Inescapable Multiracial Society”

  • mamacandtheboys

    Well said! I’m right there with you, and marvel at the future, and what it holds for my children’s children in this arena!

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