If you’ve ever wanted to know what happens when mom is away, here is look from behind the scenes.

We went to the pet store to buy some dog food with salmon for Ringo and Big Al. Simone was very curious about what “plus” means and wanted me to define the word.?Nadia went straight for the fish tank and yelled out “Daddy, I found Nemo!” when she got to the clownfish tank.?They were having an adoption day so there were lots of dogs there, including a black lab named Coffee that gave Simone a kiss.?Then we went to the book store for story time. The book was “The Kissing Hand” and Simone remembered that she had heard that story at the Big Kid School. They got construction paper and chalk to outline their hands and draw a heart in the middle so they would have their very own kissing hand. Nadia insisted that she could cut it out with scissors on her own and then got frustrated when she couldn’t. Daddy had to assume scissor duties. Simone had pink construction paper and made a point of telling the storytime lady, “Excuse me, Candace, my sister’s favorite color is purple so she needs a purple piece of paper.” Story time lady acquiesced.?There are 13 Mo Willems books with Elephant and Piggie. He also has a series about a city dog and a country frog.?Simone and Nadia played with the trains and took a detour to the coffee shop, where they were stunned in amazement that they had cheesecake for sale.?We went to a restaurant and they were beating the “We want baked Cheetos” drum loudly and often. They ate rolls, too.?Then we went  home to rest up and I took them to work.?I gave them copies of pictures (they were amazed by the copier machine and wanted me to keep making copy after copy). They sat at our meeting table and obeyed my request that they whisper whenever they talked. They drew cats on notebook paper and then taped their artwork to my cubicle.?They enjoyed getting cups of water from the drinking fountain, which resulted in several trips to the women’s room.?Then they decided to race each other in the back hallway.?As we were leaving, Simone read several headlines on the front page. Everyone was amazed that she sounded out the word “Campaign” without any extra help.?When we got home, Simone was so tired that I had to carry her out of the car.

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  • SingLikeSassy

    What a busy day with daddy. Sounds like they all had fun.

  • Nikki

    They sound quite busy.

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