Any teacher will tell you reading is the gateway subject.

So, we started reading to Simone when she was an infant. At one point, a young but very clever Simone had us reading a pile of books at night. We obliged her thirst for reading even if she was just trying to stay up a little longer. Ken and I read so many books we were yawning and pretty much putting ourselves to sleep. There were some nights when I know I read to her for an hour.

A couple of years ago I was at a family gathering when I heard a four-year-old read a book.  I wondered how his parents had taught him how to read. The boy’s mother, my cousin, said she read to him, of course, but she also told me about two sets of videos she had used: Meet the Sight Words and Leap Frog. Videos? Really?

I found the Meet the Sight Words videos at a store that caters to teachers. I bought one to see how Simone would react. She loved it, and I went back to the store to purchase the other videos. (By the way, they can be purchased as a set.) Then I ordered three Leap Frog videos from Amazon.

Both sets are quite fun, and we played them when Simone asked to see them. Simone now reads a few books to Nadia and me at bedtime. She is a wonderful reading mentor for Nadia, who often pretends she is reading and is asking to watch those same videos that helped her sister learn how to read.

I am surprised by how well Simone deciphers big, complicated words, and I want to see how many books she can read this summer. In the meantime, math is calling her name.

Which learning materials have you used in your home?

2 thoughts to “Learning How To Read

  • Joyful Mom

    We loved Starfall. It was so much easier than the other programs we tried, and it’s free!

  • Nikki

    I love leapfrog’s letter factory! My daughter picked up on all of her letters so quickly with the help of that, and mom of course. She knows the sounds to all of her letters, etc.

    I have to check out those other DVD’s!

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