I didn’t give black men a lot of thought as I dated the white man who would later become my husband. It’s my relationship, not theirs. At any rate, Clutch magazine asked a few black men what they think when they see a black woman on someone else’s arm. Check it out.

5 thoughts to “Brothers and Interracial Dating

  • Francis L. Holland

    “What are parents of bi-racial children to do?” I read that question in Monique Fields’ article at The Root. But the question itself is full of misinformation.

    As the Human Genome Project of the US Department of Energy has found, “race” simply doesn’t exist. Skin color exists.


    Fields says that her daughter told her that “brown people drive old cars.” I think this observation shows that her daughter has learned colors, but has not yet learned to bootstrap having brown skin up to being of a different “race”. The difference, as the daughter has observed, is one of skin color. People who believe that differences of skin color equal “racial” differences are victims of color-aroused propaganda. Fields’ daughter has not learned the false science of “race” yet. But, if Fields uses the word over and over in discussions with and near her daughter, her daughter will soon believe that because she has a different skin color from her mother, therefore she is from a different biological species from her mother. It would be a shame if the daughter came to believe such arrant nonsense.

    And yet, Fields says that she and her husband are from two different races, and therefore her daughter is bi-racial. The truth is that she and her husband are in a bi-chromatic (two-colored) marriage and the child has ONE COLOR that has arisen from the mixture of two other colors.

    When you bring the fallacy of “race” into a discussion of skin color-aroused politics, ideation, emotion and behavior, the “race” word is to rational discussion like arsenic in a pancake recipe.

    American Journal of Color Arousal

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  • E

    That article was a hugh eyeroll. I feel so bad for the indoctrinated black girls of today because most will end up struggling alone and single with kids, like the majority of black moms today. Most women who have married a good guy of another race are happy they ventured out and could give a flying leap what the same old party line is among black folks.

  • Blanc2

    Interesting. My personal experience has been that, for the most part, black men are cool with my marriage. However, I have encountered some black men who are openly hostile to seeing my wife with me in public, once or twice resorting to actual threats of violence.

  • ET

    This was a really interesting post (for better or worse). My boyfriend (white) and I (black) have actually gotten lots of compliments and encouragement from people of all ages/races/genders. But one of the most discouraging comments I’ve gotten is from an acquaintance who I hadn’t run into in awhile: “Where you been? What, are you dating white boys now?”

    I replied, “Actually, I am. But I haven’t seen you in awhile by choice.”

    Still, that exchange stays with me. I can’t even fathom someone saying that to my boyfriend had the roles been reversed (“What, are you dating black girls now?”)

    * existenceET.blogspot.com

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