This post is inspired by an item I read at See Theo Run. The blogger participated in the panel “Family Matters: Blogging the Parenting Experience” at the Northern Voice 2010 Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I blog. I said I would blog for a year and then decide whether I wanted to continue. The year is almost gone. I definitely will continue and expand the site. Stay tuned for more on that.

I’ve edited the questions and added one of my own. I know many of Honeysmoke’s readers are bloggers. I would love to see your responses here or on your own sites.

1. Complete this sentence. I blogto share my experience, provide resources to parents raising biracial and multiracial children, write openly about race, and help build a community of biracial and multiracial parents. It’s also fun to blog.

2. Complete this sentence. I do not blog foracceptance, money or free merchandise.

I am who I am, and I am cool with that. Advertisements would change the tenor and tone of Honeysmoke, and I don’t like how ads clutter some sites. Companies, public relations firms and marketers know when they give away items bloggers are more likely to give the product a good review. I own the books and products I write about on Honeysmoke. Sometimes I borrow books from the public library, and I always let the reader know when I do.

3. Have you established personal boundaries around the topics you blog about?

Yes. I steer clear of using words that appear innocent but that others search for not-so-innocent use. I know the day will come when the girls will ask me not to write about them. Until then, I try not to write anything I think they may find embarrassing later. Yes, I know I will fail miserably on this point. I also filter and moderate comments on the blog.

4. What do you think about the idea that a child’s image should be private (or shared only among friends and family) until they are old enough to decide for themselves?

I don’t use a lot of images of Simone and Nadia on the blog. I like to illustrate posts with photographs and images available under a creative commons license. When I do use pictures of the girls, the pictures are either old, small, taken from a distance, or their faces are obscured in some way.

One thought to “Why I Blog”

  • Nikki @ Blasian Baby Notes

    What a great idea! I might try and do this. Whatever the reason you blog I’m grateful for it. It’s nice to read another mom with biracial kids experience and day to day thoughts


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