Simone shifted her weight from left to right, after we entered the Big Kid School. I had not seen that little dance. Ken signed her in, and I paid for all of her major school supplies for the 2010-11 school year. (Love this!)  Then we made our way to the cafeteria. Simone wrote her name on a tag and received a “good job” from a teacher. She beamed as she walked around the cafeteria. “A happy one,” another teacher said.

Simone and about 50 other rising kindergartners dined on doughnuts, grapes, strawberries and juice. Parents, meanwhile, received instruction in the finer points of child drop-off and pick-up. Don’t park and let the child walk to the door of the school. (No problem.) Kindergarten parents must use the lane closest to the school for drop-off. (Will do.) Simone then reported her tummy hurt. I tickled her and said she had a few butterflies in there. A few kisses made them fly away.

Parents and their children toured the school in groups. Simone held our hands as we walked the halls of this strange land. We saw a few sixth-graders, and they looked so big in comparison to the children taking the tour. Simone stood on her tip toes and peered inside the computer lab, and she marveled at all of the books in the library. “You can take them to the table and read them,” she told us. We also stopped in a kindergarten room. When the teacher told her class to gather around, Simone joined them. She returned to our sides when she realized she wasn’t familiar with the book the children were reading. Our last stop was the multipurpose room.

There is no doubt in my mind. Simone is ready for kindergarten. As we were leaving, she called her current school the “old preschool.”

3 thoughts to “Big Kid School

  • Joyful Mom

    That’s so sweet. How exciting for you all.

    They are all such little ones when they start kindergarten and by the time June rolls around, they are reading, writing big kids who can solve math problems and navigate social groups all by themselves.

  • Blanc2

    Savor those moments. They pass so quickly. Just the other day I realized my son is as tall as I am — at age 14. I’ll be looking up to him, physically, soon. My daughter, tall for her age, isn’t far behind. Last week I watched her battle her way through a brutally physical soccer game and come out on top in most of the hard physical challenges for the ball.

  • Nikki

    Sounds like lots of fun! We still have another year for kindergarten.

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