The coming week will be filled with beginnings and endings.

Simone will have breakfast at her new elementary school one day and “graduate” from preschool the next.

At the breakfast, she will meet the school’s kindergarten teachers, tour the building, and otherwise become acclimated with what we call the Big Kid School. We have driven by the school several times in the last few weeks, and we point out the school bus as it rumbles through our neighborhood each morning. Simone is excited about making the transition. I, though, am surprised by a bit of melancholy that is surfacing as I write this.

Simone and Nadia will then show us just how much they have learned this year during a preschool program, and Simone and a dozen other rising kindergartners will “graduate.” I have seen two of these programs before, and I don’t know whether to celebrate or cry. I plan to celebrate with big hugs and kisses. At the same time, I am not making any promises.

By the way, what do parents think of the graduation kit pictured above? It is designed for infants and preschoolers, and I saw it recently at the local bookstore. The kit has: a keepsake box, greeting card, graduation journal, graduation banner, diploma, photo frame, stickers, magnets, doorhanger, jigsaw puzzle and bookmark. My first impression was how cute and thoughtful, but then I wondered whether it was a bit much for a preschool graduation. Weigh in.

3 thoughts to “Oh, The Places You'll Go!

  • Linda C. Thomas

    You are a lovely nurturing and wise lady. Congratulations on creating and living an authentic life.

    Namaste, Linda

    P.S. I enjoy your writing

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  • Percola

    @Linda Why, thank you.

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