Nadia had a wonderful birthday with family and one friend. (See, I learned my lesson, after we hosted nine children and their parents for Simone’s party.) Nadia wanted to tear into the cake and the gifts right away. I found finger pokes in the icing, and someone broke a piece of the ribbon.

“I’m three!” Nadia told anyone who asked. She hasn’t quite mastered the proper way to open a card or a gift. She tore envelopes in three pieces. Gift wrap didn’t fare any better. The toy Nadia and her sister played with the most: the white, lavender and green balloons.

Then there was the Princess Tiana lip gloss. I purchased Princess Tiana lip glosses for Nadia’s guests. What was I thinking? The gift bags were given out earlier than usual, and the girls immediately went for the purple trinket. They stuck their little fingers in the waxy mess and spread it on their lips, chin and face. Later, while Ken had his back turned, Nadia smeared her face and her birthday dress with lip gloss. I tried to document the occasion, but Nadia turned away. It appeared she tried to eat the lip gloss but somehow didn’t know where her mouth was located. Ken easily wiped the lip gloss from her face. I, though, was not as successful with the dress. I have washed it three times, and it will be forever stained with pink accents. It was her birthday. I guess she can stain her dress if she wants to.

I bet some of you will wonder whether I made the cake. Nope. My hand-made invites inspired the design, and I let the professionals take it from there.

4 thoughts to “Birthday Girl

  • Victoria

    Happy Birthday, Nadia! What a pretty cake.

  • Joyful Mom

    Happy birthday Nadia! The invitations were beautiful and so is the cake!

  • Rania

    The cake is gorgeous just like the invitations you made.

    Glad everyone had a wonderful time at the party! 🙂

  • Nikki

    Sounds like a blast. I love the cake!

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