Danzy Senna asked a Northwestern University audience to stand if a series of questions applied to them.

Are you multiracial? Are your parents of two ethnicities? Two religions? Are any family members a different race from you? Are your children a different race? Have you ever passed as something, intentionally or otherwise, that you are not? When she was finished most of the audience was on its feet. They had turned out to hear the novelist say America has not moved past issues of privilege, race and class. Check it out.

2 thoughts to “Post-Racial Myth

  • Joyful Mom

    That was interesting. I’d like to read her novels.

  • Blanc2

    My sense is that Danzy goes for the easy, cheap shot much of the time. Look at her comments about Tiger Woods. Danzy attempts to use the now infamous Vanity Fair cover as evidence that the media “blackened” Tiger in the wake of his affairs. It may be true that the media did this, but the Vanity Fair cover was not evidence. That cover would have been green lighted many months before its release, the photo shoot would have also taken place long in advance of its release. By the time the magazine was in print, the VF editors realized that the cover was a bit of a gaffe in light of the recent events in Tiger’s life, but it was too late to pull it.

    Sort of a long way of pointing out a bit of lax thinking and glib analysis, but my sense is that this slackness infuses Senna’s work.

    That said, Senna is a biracial individual who writes from a very personal place. Her voice is one of many voices that have spoken in the first person on growing up biracial.

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